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RELI LINE TRANSPORTERS CO LIMITED is an air and sea freight forwarding and logistics organization providing international freight transport services. From our main operation hubs in Mombasa City (Kenya), we provide secure logistical solutions for a broad client base that includes manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and private individuals.

With regard to customs, we handle all import, export, air, sea and road customs clearance requirements and provide a full range of clearance services at all major Airports and Sea ports in Central and East Africa countries major sea port and Airport.

We pride ourselves on the strength of our guarantees and the speed and efficiency of our transportation, we are also proud to offer clients the option of door to door freight delivery – something few others in the industry are able to arrange – and will do whatever we can on top of this to ensure the whole process is as simple and hassle-free as possible for you. Whether you are a commercial client or a private individual wishing to send on excess baggage, we can arrange for Collection delivery from anywhere in the world.

[box_title title=”OUR VISION” titlepos=”text-left” title_color=”#dd3333″]Our Vision is to become a leading One-Stop Wholesale and Retail Centre for total goods and services in Kenya.[/box_title]

Our expert team organizes a wide range of transportation solutions via our own fleets and dedicated carriers, ensuring flexibility and reliable lead times as per our agreement. Our experienced team, extensive network, and Africa specialist east and central carriers come together to meet your requirements locally and regionally. Transit Same body of trucks skeleton feet bed body closed body and loaders.

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  1. Provide good services to customers.
  2. Consistently use good quality materials and maintain quality workmanship.
  3. Operate Quality Management Systems’ efficiently and effective.


[box_service image=”2181″ title=”ROAD TRANSPORT”]Our dedicated & Experienced staff always provide our customers with tailor – made logistics solutions customized to their particular needs.[/box_service]
[box_service image=”2154″ title=”PROJECT CARGO HANDLING”]We are specialized in handling Project Cargo with customised solutions with our Team of Experts ensuring smooth and secure shipping[/box_service]
[box_service image=”2163″ title=”WAREHOUSING”]We believe that logistics require managing warehousing capacity, Inventory cycles, order processing and efficient final Cargo distribution[/box_service]
[box_service image=”2157″ title=”BULK & BREAK -BULK SHIPMENT”]We give utmost importance to all types of Break – Bulk Cargo, small or big, heavy or normal as they need special care and handling.[/box_service]
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Our experts are ready to help. Get in touch and we’ll find the right solution for your needs.


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