Road & Bridge Construction

Reli Line Transporters Ltd is dedicated to enhancing its road & Bridge construction services by  adopting proven new technologies and approaches to deliver superior solutions.

We have years’ experience in road construction which is coupled with a highly skilled workforce that utilizes cutting edge technology to deliver high quality and cost-effective road construction solution.

Our Experience

RELI LINE TRANSPORTERS CO LTD  has a track record of over 4 years in the industry and continues growing in confidence by providing excellent services to its clients within the region. We have an extensive transport network service to reach the customers for collecting as well as delivering shipments on time.

The company provides extensive warehousing space on dedicated or shared bases. It also maintains contact with many public warehousing and contract warehousing companies. We are well equipped to handle almost all types of cargo throughout Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, DRC, Somalia, Ethiopia and other parts of the region.

Our Services